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xHP Flashtool Android

xHP Flashtool is the worldwide first and complete Tuning solution for your BMW with ZF6HP or ZF8HP automatic transmission. xHP is the only tool that focuses fully on getting the best from your Auto-Transmission and is the worldwide leading solution for BMW vehicles. xHP put's the power to fully customize your automatic transmission at your hands. Connect your Android smartphone to your car and customize around 100 maps by yourself or choose from pre-defined OTS maps in the xHP in-App Store.

Xamarin.Android Spring Java C# C C++

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xDelete iOS and Android

xDelete is the worldwide first tool to customize your xDrive System! Enjoy your xDrive car in full RWD mode, use our Sport & Snow presets, or customize the Rear/Front-Bias by yourself! It's all in your hands and done within minutes!

Xamarin.Forms Spring Java C# C C++

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THOR - The M Flasher

Increase the performance of your DKG transmission or refine the tuning of your stability program (MDM mode), optimize your electronically controlled limited slip differential and your steering with the Dynamic Package. Choose from the OEM quality settings Road&Track, Clubsport or Competition (M2-only) and bring even more performance to your vehicle.

Xamarin.Forms Spring Java C#

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ridetune apps platform

Currently, we are developing our ridetune apps platform that will serve as a generic backend for all kinds of apps by offering multiple APIs for purchasing products, creating voucher codes, fraud detection, billing, and many more features.

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