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    Unbefristetes DienstverhÀltnis
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    Marktgemeinde Rum
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    1. **Develop** and improve the **core data engine** of the company that focuses on matching customers with retail partners to optimize their household expenses
    2. **Lead the technical team within a high-profile technology grant** and ensure that results are delivered in a timely and high-quality manner
    3. **Collaborate** with development teams **to design and build the date pipelines** to provide recommendations to users via the app and measure outcomes to further improve the data engine
    4. Work with company founders to further develop the companies'**business intelligence setup** and **reporting structures** to support data-driven decision-making

    Unsere Erwartungen an dich


    • Completed Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related field, alternatively 3-5 years of work experience in real-life data science applications


    • You are working in a**self-directed** way and enjoy following through new developments from concept stage all the way to implementation.
    • You are proficient in working at the**intersection of science and business** where you thrive at implementing **innovative new solutions** that create **real business impact** .
    • You are a**team player** and like to work in a highly collaborative environment.
    • You speak**English fluently (minimum B2)** and are capable of communicating complex technical concepts in the language - German language skills are a plus.
    • You have extensive knowledge of**Python** and the relevant packages (e.g. Scikit-learn, Pandas, Flask/FastAPI) as well as **SQL** .
    • You are not just able to**create machine learning models** but are also able to **create and deploy the relevant pipelines** to get your model out to customers


    • You are experienced in**applying statistical and quantitative models** to real world problems and are able to extract the key information and present it for business use.



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    • Standort Marktgemeinde Rum

      Standort Marktgemeinde Rum

      6063 Tirol


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    Millionen Menschen leiden darunter, dass sie zu wenig sparen und gleichzeitig zu viel Geld fĂŒr Dinge ausgeben, die sie nicht unbedingt brauchen. Das ist kein Wunder! Heute ist es einfacher Geld auszugeben als es anzulegen. Deshalb haben wir Monkee entwickelt! Mit Monkee helfen wir den Menschen finanziell fit zu werden und mehr Geld fĂŒr die Dinge ĂŒbrighaben, die ihnen wirklich am Herzen liegen.


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    Banken, Finanz, Versicherung, Internet, IT, Telekom
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    Senior Data Scientist

    Marktgemeinde Rum

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