Requirements Analyst

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Technologien und Skills
Deine Rolle im Team
  • Discussing new requirements and roadmap items with Product Management and other business stakeholders to understand and develop the vision of the product
  • Defining detailed functional and technical requirements by creating feature specifications and user stories
  • Leading the implementation of software solutions from early investigation and estimation til launch to production
  • Working closely together with a number of Scrum teams in a large scale agile environment; managing dependencies between numerous scrum teams and their deliverables
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Neue Features
Maintenance, Bugfixing
Unsere Erwartungen an dich


  • Experience as Business Analyst or extensive experience in Sports betting domain
  • Experience of managing complex projects in an agile software development environment


  • Technical education and good understanding of software development lifecycle
Das ist dein Arbeitgeber

Entain is one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming groups, operating both online and in the retail sector. With offices across five continents and licences in more than 25 international markets, the group employs a workforce of around 24,000 and operates some of the most well-known and iconic brands in the industry. Our vision is to be the world leader in sports betting and gaming entertainment by creating the most exciting and trusted experience for our customers, revolutionising the space as we go. Here in Vienna we are growing our industry-leading sportsbook team. Our highly transactional systems, with a responsive UI based on Angular, are all built in-house and deliver a 24/7 betting and gaming experience.


Internet, IT, Telekom

Sport, Freizeit

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Our sportsbook teams are spread across three international locations and we deliver our sportsbook to our customers in concert with one another. We run over 17 Scrum teams across the organisation, following a bi-weekly sprint cycle with clear goals and deliverables. We release to production as frequently as possible to ensure that the product increments and major updates can be released on a single code.

Our teams consist of developers, tech leads, and QA engineers, who help us to deliver features from inception to production. For each feature, we provide a clear assignment to our Business Analysts who create the stories and requirements. The entire project is managed by a Scrum Master or Delivery Manager who supports the team.
Each quarter we plan all of the features, which are delivered based on high level requirements in close collaboration with our Product and UX teams.

We have a One Sports feature backlog, so each team works on different features over time. At Entain, you will never be bored, with different technical challenges for each team.

All teams are accountable for quality in delivery to production and must ensure that their software is secure, highly available and scalable. This process is supported by our LeanOps teams who manage all applications in production.

Our teams are constantly working on our Sportsbook product, which serves millions of customers around the world. The majority of our work sits with new features, but also on non-functional requirements to ensure that our software is stable, scalable and future-proof.

All our software is all built in-house, so we can change whatever and whenever we want. Our architectural principles are the basis of our success.

We work closely and collaboratively across our different teams to build the best Sportsbook in the world!

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20+ Mitarbeiter

Kanban, Scrum

Teamleiter, Team, Architekt, Developer, Senior Developer
Teamleiter, Team, Developer, Senior Developer
Teamleiter, Team, Developer, Senior Developer
Unsere Werte
Move fast and create features that are visible to millions of users
Team spirit
Enjoy what you do
Engineering culture (business = IT and IT = business )
 Sergii  Ponomarenko / P. Logo
 Sergii  Ponomarenko / P.
Senior Software Engineer

Warum hast du dich für dieses Team entschieden?
I am a Software Engineer at Entain, having joined the business when it was I was always interested in different technologies and wasn’t scared to try anything new (front end, mobile, services, interop) – but back end development was always my preference. After more than five years with this team I was positive that it was the right place for me to grow whilst enjoying my work at the same time.

The support of my colleagues and organisational structure motivates me and this team to develop and deliver high value products. If I would have a chance switch to another team, I would say “thanks, but no thanks”. All our teams are great, but I feel I am doing the right job for me!

Worum geht´s in deinem Job?
As a software engineer, you may think that my daily duties are all about coding, but that is not entirely true. It is more about creation; the creation of some product or functionality that brings ideas to life. Coding is just a small part of the process, in addition to designing, having discussions, modelling, coffee breaks, failing with some ideas and having new one before, finally, success! This is all part of a regular day, where I have the chance to communicate with different people from different departments – like other development teams or even with business teams and customers. This all makes your day interesting and exciting – your job becomes an adventure.

Was gefällt dir besonders an deinem Job?
There are a lot of things that we can talk about, some of them are:
-Interesting projects which allow for creativity
-The possibility to work on projects from beginning to launch
-Meeting up with different people and strong, capable colleagues
Friendly people that have become like family

Marcin  Okon Logo
Marcin  Okon
Lead Software Developer

Warum hast du dich für dieses Team entschieden?
I have always been very passionate about sports, in particular football.
When trying to combine the world of sports and IT, joining Entain was the ideal opportunity for me.

Worum geht´s in deinem Job?
I am a team and tech lead of a full-stack sports betting development team.
My main goal is to ensure that the team can perform as well as possible.
I do this by making sure that we have the right mix of people, ensuring that my team members are able to fully explore their potential and by contributing with my domain knowledge and experience.

Was gefällt dir besonders an deinem Job?
All of our products are built and operated in-house. We own the full technology stack and provide our solutions to internal requestors. Knowing that the delivered work is contributing to the company’s success is highly motivating.

Another very motivating aspect is the variety of projects we work on. The sports betting business is a very competitive one. We are always trying to be the best in the industry, so the daily tasks are always very challenging and exciting.

Thomas Rohrer Logo
Thomas Rohrer
Senior DevOps Engineer

Warum hast du dich für dieses Team entschieden?
I have spent over 13 years with the company. I worked for 10 years in the Lean Operations team, where I developed my technical skills to a far higher level, as we work with the latest technology stacks in various ways.
I enjoy working on projects with different teams, aligning on complex technical solutions.

Worum geht´s in deinem Job?
and support of solutions. These help us meet the tight deadlines and significantly improve the company time to market value for new features. In addition, I work on servicing and the further development of existing solutions.

Was gefällt dir besonders an deinem Job?
Working with so many cultures, languages and people from different countries. I am really blessed to work with incredible engineers and have the ability to learn new technologies.

 Adelina S. Logo
 Adelina S.
Senior BI Analyst

Warum hast du dich für dieses Team entschieden?
I work in an international environment, working on exciting features with a very talented, agile team. Teams understand the big picture and how we contribute to it, helping to drive us forward to accomplish our objectives.

Worum geht´s in deinem Job?
I am the link between the business and the technology. I help the development team understand requirements, objectives and vision, supporting initiatives from start to finish. At the same time, I support the business understand timelines, capabilities and the overall impact of specific features on the full gaming offer.

Was gefällt dir besonders an deinem Job?
I like working with the wonderful people here, where we have same objective and aim for the same result. Of course, some other benefits like working from home and flexible schedule come in handy.



Opportunities for personal development are always possible in our company. Be it a change in the area of work or tasks, or advancing to team leader or lead developer.

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