TechLead-Story: Patrick Gaubatz, CTO & Alexandru Stan, Agile Coach von fiskaly

TechLead-Story: Patrick Gaubatz, CTO & Alexandru Stan, Agile Coach von fiskaly


Our Team consists of 23 people, this accounts for roughly 50 percent of the whole company. We are an engineering centric company, and development is a huge part and the core of what we do at Fiskaly. The teams are structured with the idea that in our company, multiple development teams have specific skill sets. We aim to have really strong teams that are powerful enough to own the entire product, which includes developing, running and documenting everything. We have several software development teams, product teams and development teams that manage and build multiple products. Since we are doing software development, we want to employ agile methodologies. We structure our teams in our company, we have an agile coach that takes care of the processes, improvements, and optimizations. We bring autonomy to them, and we give them the possibility to actually change the processes in the way their work is being tailored. I think that is how we could enclose the team structuring and team organization at the end of the day in the development process.


First you can find on our website how the process looks like, the interview process and how the onboarding process looks like the recruitment process starts with the first email that we send to a candidate. We have a three-step process, how we employ. So we start with the application, a resume and a github profile is sufficient. Once we have that, we ask the development colleagues to have a look at the profiles and understand whether it would be a fit or not based on the needs that we have currently in the teams. And if it looks like a fit, we will have the first interview. We are interested in understanding their personality, if they would fit with the people that we have in the company. Once this is done, we send them a challenge our colleagues prepared so that we understand whether the person can be proficient technically. We are not just looking for someone capable of doing coding but also someone that can integrate, explain and share, and motivate others by contributing to the team atmosphere. If we identify someone to be a good fit then we hire them. We are looking for long term commitments in our company.


Fiskaly is in principle an API first company. We operate in a highly regulated environment, so we are building back end services that provide very specific solutions in a critical context that is fiscalization. We have a lot of constraints, so we don’t make software at will because we have to run through product certifications. Furthermore, we have to stick to security guidelines because we are operating in a critical security environment. The direct result of our success is because we have been growing fast. We have a lot of customers that use our products, these products are really Aqua infrastructure for cash registers, so any kind of anomaly system is not available. Since we are a back end centric, we naturally use Typescript, JavaScript, for full stack approach. For some parts of our software that have user interfaces and for the other parts that are performance critical, we are transitioning into more of a go length deck. We are able to run all the processes and containers of our system on your laptop, compared to other companies that run custom vendor specific API services.



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